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We Identify the Power of Your Projects with Comprehensive Service

  •   At GenStar Generator, we meticulously work to accurately determine the energy needs of your projects. Our expert team conducts pre-assessment studies to identify the correct power requirements and assist you in selecting the most suitable generator for your project. Additionally, during the site identification process, we utilize our expertise to pinpoint suitable areas for efficient generator operation. Our goal is to empower your projects with the highest efficiency and reliability.


Wide Range of Product Options to Match Your Power Range

  •   Collaborating with global brands, we offer a wide range of products in different power capacities to meet your specific needs. From enclosed to open diesel generator sets, our standard products cover various energy requirements. Furthermore, with the support of our experienced engineers, we also provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your different projects. Our team is at your service for special power requirements, custom cabin or chassis dimensions, or any other specific requests.
Synchronized Generator Systems for Power Sharing
  •   For projects with high power demands, we offer synchronized generator systems that facilitate power sharing. Generator synchronization is a method that allows multiple generators to operate simultaneously and share the energy load. These systems provide excellent solutions for high kVA requirements.
Industry Innovations
  •   At GenStar Generator, we continuously incorporate updated technologies by keeping track of industry innovations. From seismic solutions to custom cabin painting applications, from specialized exhaust systems to remote monitoring and control systems, we integrate the latest technologies into your projects. This enables us to offer solutions that deliver higher efficiency, reliability, and energy savings to our customers.
Advantages of Synchronized Generator Systems
  •   Synchronized generator systems come with numerous advantages. These include low initial investment costs, reduced service and maintenance expenses, decreased need for spare parts, and flexible usage leading to fuel savings. Moreover, they ensure reliability, easy service and maintenance, and long-lasting usage.
Custom Designs and Solutions for Your Projects
  •   Each project has its unique requirements. Our expert team provides consultancy to design synchronization scenarios and solutions tailored to your projects. We determine the ideal number of generators, power levels, and other factors to offer the most efficient solution for your needs.
Initial Start-Up Service
  • We offer the first startup service to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your generator sets. With project-specific consultancy, we guide you in starting your power system optimally.
Maintenance and Inspection
  • To ensure the long-lasting and safe operation of generators, we provide regular maintenance and periodic inspection services. Our authorized services ensure maximum performance and prolonged usage, preventing potential failures and providing uninterrupted power.

24/7 Emergency Support and Troubleshooting
  • In case of emergency breakdowns, our expert team is available 24/7 to provide assistance. We minimize your energy loss and ensure uninterrupted power supply. Our technical teams swiftly diagnose issues and offer effective solutions.

Stocked Spare Part Service
  • For generators to operate efficiently and have a prolonged performance, swift resolution of damages is crucial. With our extensive spare parts stock, we promptly meet your spare part requirements. The spare parts needed for efficient and uninterrupted operation are always readily available.




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